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Milk & Moon: caring for baby + caring for you. A decades-long labour of love by the Australian charity Possums & Co.

What we offer you

We aim to help you delight in your baby by working with your and your little one’s biology. We want sleep to be easy without parent or baby distress. We want to help your baby cry less. And we want to share with you a profoundly empowering approach to breastfeeding which avoids unnecessary medicalisation. These new (or very old) principles are at the heart of everything we do.

How we can help

Milk & Moon draws on our evolutionary past and the latest in psychological flexibility and resilience studies to help you meet your needs as you respond to your baby, breastfeed your baby, help your baby’s sleep remain manageable, help your baby cry less. Breastfeeding, sleep, your baby’s inner world and behaviours, and your own mental health are interconnected ecosystems. We wrap you in holistic, evidence-based support, so that you and your little one flourish together! 

Taking the lead

Our clinicians and researchers believe in leadership. We call out unnecessary and wasteful diagnoses, treatments, exercises, and other unproven, unethical, or market-driven trends in the care of mothers and babies. We live by our values, and what matters to us is you. 

Welcome to the future of baby-care!

* Milk & Moon celebrates and includes the rich diversity of human families. Many parents are not female. Not all parents are of binary gender. Not all carers are parents. Many parents don’t breastfeed; others identify as chestfeeding. Milk & Moon thanks you for generously translating pronouns and gender descriptions on this site so that they best fit you. ** Not all babies are fed directly from their mother’s breast. If you are using a bottle with expressed breast milk or formula or another kind of aid we offer absolutely non-judgemental, evidence-based support so that feeds are a time of delight and as closely aligned with your baby’s biological needs as possible. 

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Expecting and new parents are heavily targeted by people or ads wanting to sell them something. But what actually improves developmental outcomes for babies?

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Happy families

I don’t clock watch anymore and his naps happen when he is ready, I just get to enjoy spending time with him and making sure our days are as fun as possible.

– Ruhi, Sri Lanka 

After 10 months of painful breastfeeding and conflicting advice from a variety of experts I stumbled upon the Possums gestalt breastfeeding program. After viewing the resources, I was able to breastfeed pain-free that same day. 

– Ashleigh, Australia 

Two weeks in and my days have become so much more enjoyable with my 3 month old, now that I have stopped fixating on sleep.

– Jodi, USA