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Milk. Breastfeeding stripped bare.

Breastfeeding stripped bare is a paradigm shift in lactation support. We turn a lot of the advice you receive upside down – with the research to show why. Milk is breastfeeding stripped bare of unnecessary medications, surgery, aids and exercises. Our program helps with the whole range of challenges women face, including nipple pain and damage, mastitis or blocked ducts (that is, breast inflammation), white spots, vasospasm, tongue-tie, low supply or high supply, and transitioning from the bottle back to the breast. Find your way back to the wisdom of your body – the original and most powerful kind of bodywork.

Moon. The sleep help that doesn't leave babies to cry.

We can’t teach babies to sleep – just as we can’t teach babies to digest milk. The Possums Baby and Toddler Sleep Program works with your child’s biology, not against it. Ours is the original, genuinely evidence-based alternative to sleep training, which has been transforming parents lives since 2011 and is shown to work in university studies. 

Mood. Happy bubba, happy Mama.

Happy bubba?

Those first months can be extremely hard work, and more so if your baby is unsettled. But there is usually a lot that can be done to keep your little one dialed down so that these early days are easier and more enjoyable. Do you have questions about reflux, allergy, wind, gut pain, the gut microbiome, or lactose? We cut through the conflicting advice with the latest evidence-based understandings.

Happy Mama?

We are committed to growing joy in early life – that’s the motto of Possums & Co. Explore what you believe is right for your baby and right for your own well-being. No more guilt about how you feed or sleep or care for your baby! This section is packed with evidence-based information about protecting and managing your mental health. And every Mama needs inclusive and non-judgmental networks of support: find your village and stay socially connected through our Parent Hub. 

Milk, Moon & Mood

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6-month access to the Milk, Moon and Mood programs US$50, with the option of ongoing membership subscription US$7.50 per month for as long as you wish.