Milk brings you an approach to the enjoyment of breastfeeding your baby – or older child – which is evidence-based and stripped bare of unnecessary medications, surgery, aids and exercises. That’s why we’re calling it breastfeeding stripped bare. This revolutionary approach is already changing the practice of lactation support internationally through our peer-reviewed publications. Because breastfeeding remains a research frontier, problems such as nipple pain or blocked ducts and mastitis or baby fussing at the breast have been overmedicalised, resulting in unnecessary interventions which might even make problems worse. Once you understand how baby sucks, and how to experiment with the fit between your baby’s unique anatomy and your own unique body, you are empowered to heal from nipple pain or help baby settle at the breast. In breastfeeding stripped bare, you will also find strategies to prevent blocked ducts and mastitis or to stop these progressing, as well as information about how to help the whole range of challenges which can arise as you breastfeed your baby. 

The information and recommendations contained within these programs are not a substitute for care by health professionals. If you have concern about your own or your child’s health or welling, please consult with your family doctor. You can also consult with health professionals and lactation consultants (IBCLCs) accredited in NDC (or ‘the Possums programs’) at Possums Clinic Online or by searching for an NDC practitioner near you. 

** Breastfeeding stripped bare information remains under development within Milk & Moon.

Growing joy in early life

  • Getting ready to breastfeed
    • Hand expression of breast milk
    • Soften an engorged areola
    • Inverted nipple (under development)
    • Previous breast surgery (under development)
    • What to look out for if you have pain or baby fusses at breast
    • Why you don’t need to burp or hold baby upright after feeds
  • What are frequent flexible breastfeeds?
    • What are frequent flexible breastfeeds? (under development)
    • Why feed spacing doesn’t help
    • You can’t overfeed a breastfed baby
  • The way baby fits into your body really matters
    • What is breast tissue drag? (under development)
    • Fitting you and baby together – no pain, no baby fuss with the gestalt method (2018)
    • The gestalt method ebook 2022
    • The gestalt method 2016 – mini’s
    • A mother breastfeeds her baby using the gestalt method (under development)
  • Side-lying breastfeeds and other positions 
    • Side-lying breastfeeding (gestalt method)
    • What about the koala or ‘baby-led’ position?
  • Bottle feeds (expressed breast milk or formula)
    • Dealing with good mother/bad mother judgements
    • Paced bottle feeds
    • Frequent flexible bottle feeds
    • My baby won’t take a bottle
  • Baby fusses at the breast or pulls off a lot (under development)
  • Nipple pain and damage
    • Vasospasm (under development)
  • Baby fascia: tongue and upper lip-ties
    • Tongue and lip ties and frenotomy: discussions with mothers (2018)
  • Breast inflammation
    • Blocked ducts and mastitis
  • Worried that you don’t have enough milk?
    • How to keep baby safe but minimise formula use in the first week of life
  • Worried that you have too much milk? (under development)
    • Lactose overload (under development)
  • About pumping
    • A discussion about the benefits and downsides to pumping  
    • Breastfeeding and returning to work
  • When there are breastfeeding challenges 
    • Women share stories of breastfeeding challenges and what helped
    • Identifying fit and hold challenges
    • Women discuss what they wish had been different when they faced breastfeeding problems 
  • Return to paid work
    • My baby won’t take a bottle
    • Breastfeeding and returning to work
  • Breastfeeding and infant development (under development)
  • Podcasts
    • What’s normal for breastfed babies in the first days of life?
    • The baby who fusses at the breast
    • Getting breastfeeding to work in the pandemic
    • Pumping breast milk for your baby 
    • Tongue and lip ties: new science challenges the status quo
    • Surgical correction of tongue-tie 
  • Articles
    • For parents
    • Research publications

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