Parent Hub

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Stay connected with the Milk & Moon community

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly forced everyone to find alternative ways to stay socially connected. Milk & Moon is leaning into the strength of its parent site, Possums & Co. by offering Milk & Moon members access to Possums online Facebook group. It is facilitated by the Possums & Co. Parent Mentors who have expertise in the Possums Programs and access is included in your Milk & Moon membership. Why not enjoy the company of other parents whose baby is in the first few years of life and share tips and tricks to help each other navigate this challenging time in history?

It’s common to feel alone, stressed or worried about your baby’s crying, breastfeeding, or sleep problems. As a member of Parent Hub (also known as Possums Parent Hub or PIPPS), you will receive access to the exclusive Facebook group with over 2,000+ other parents!

No more guilt about how you sleep or feed or care for your baby! Find out what the research really says, and receive non-judgemental support as you explore what you believe is right for your emotional needs, and importantly, those of your unique little baby.