How to cancel my membership

Since August 2022, we have upgraded our payment system to allow parents worldwide to purchase our programs in a currency best suited to them. Therefore we have two different steps to cancel your membership depending on when you have made the purchase. 

For orders before August

Visit the below link to view your order history. Here you can view our order as indicated in the screenshot.
Click on the “view” button of the order you wish to cancel. On the next screen, you will see all your details. 
To cancel, click on the “Cancel membership” button, as the screenshot indicates. 

Order history page –

The order page

For orders after August 2022

Simply click on “My Membership” in the menu, followed by “My Subscription” in the sidebar. 
Here you will see your order details to cancel just click on the “cancel” button as indicated in the screenshot below. 

The subscription page