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Why was Milk & Moon created?

Possums & Co. was founded in Brisbane, Australia, in 2011, and has grown since into a strong international presence. We wanted to create a brand that brought you the Possums or NDC (Neuroprotective Developmental Care) evidence-based advice for parents with babies in a way that is tailored for a global audience. Not everyone loves their possums as much as Australians do! Milk & Moon is a space which caters for families all over the world. It showcases our newest products and services for parents with babies based on NDC, and gives you access to the baby care of the future.

How are Milk & Moon products different from Possums & Co. products?

Milk & Moon offers only one product: Milk & Moon Membership, which includes sleep, breastfeeding, crying baby and parent well-being resources, plus access to the Parent Hub Online Community. The breastfeeding resources include not only the gestalt method of fit and hold, in detail, but a growing collection of resources for dealing with the whole range of breastfeeding challenges women face, known as Breastfeeding Stripped Bare. You will receive more resources from Milk & Moon products over time, as we will be constantly upgrading. All Milk & Moon products are based on NDC.

What is Breastfeeding Stripped Bare?

Breastfeeding Stripped Bare is the name of Dr Pam’s breastfeeding book, which is not yet finalised or published hardcopy, but which is brought as it is developed to parents in Milk & Moon. Breastfeeding Stripped Bare empowers you to prevent or address breastfeeding challenges in a way that is stripped bare of unnecessary pharmaceuticals, surgery, aids and bodywork exercises. It is a profoundly empowering and evolutionarily-aligned, evidence-based approach to breastfeeding your baby, which is already changing practice internationally.

Are you the same as Possums & Co.? What if I have purchased Possums products?

Yes, Milk & Moon works side-by-side with Possums & Co. Don’t worry, our charity Possums & Co. isn’t going anywhere! But Milk & Moon will gradually become our parent-facing resource and everyone who has purchased Possums products has received access to their corresponding product in Milk & Moon at no extra cost, with very substantial extra value added in.

How exactly do I cancel membership?

It’s very straightforward to cancel your membership. Simply follow this link for instructions:
How to cancel

How do prices compare between Possums & Co. and Milk & Moon?

The price of the Possums Bundle (AUD$80 lifetime access) is comparable to Milk & Moon Membership (US$50/AUD$68 for 6-month access to the Milk, Moon, and Mood programs, with the option of ongoing membership subscription US$7.50 per month for as long as you wish).

I received an email offering me free Milk & Moon membership for two months, but the offer is unavailable. Why has this changed?

In our enthusiasm to let you know about our upcoming projects, a test email went out with a free membership offer before everything was ready. This offer was sent in error and is no longer available. We apologise for any confusion caused.

Is Milk & Moon a charity?

Milk & Moon is the name of Possum & Co’s new international-facing website specifically for parents. It brings everything our charity offers to parents together, in the one place.

How to I keep up-to-date with Milk & Moon?

You can subscribe to the Milk & Moon newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page. You can also follow us on Instagram (@milkandmoonbabiess) or on Facebook (@milkandmoonbabies).

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